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Ultherapy: Christie Brinkley Reveals Her Secrets

Ultherapy: Christie Brinkley Reveals Her Secrets  St Johns

Christie Brinkley embodies the life of feel good, look good – and, finally we get to know her secrets. The truth is non-surgical anti-aging is really no secret at all. Ultherapy and Xeomin are well respected, FDA approved, non-surgical treatments that have been changing the faces of both men and women for years.

Ultherapy is a popular treatment for men and women because there is literally no downtime. You are back to work to the next day. Better yet, no one will ever have to know what you are doing. Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound technology to treat deep within the collagen matrix and muscle fibers that keeps your skin tight, taunt, and youthful. Treatment areas include full face and neck, chest, and other areas – like the knees – that can benefit from a lift.

Ultherapy is a lift that gives you control over the way you age. The most common feedback from clients why they chose Ultherapy:

Why clients choose Ultherapy?

  • No Downtime – back to work the next day looking normal
  • Non-Invasive – no scars because there are no incisions
  • Natural Results – doesn’t leave your face with a ‘pulled’ look
  • Prolongs or Prevents Face Lift – face lifts are expensive and Ultherapy is affordable
  • Maintain a Face Lift – face lifts typically last about 5-7 years – and for clients that have already had a face lift, Ultherapy offers an inexpensive way to enhance their face lift, combine with other treatments like Xeomin and Radiesse to stay Modern Aesthetic Centers Gate Parkwaying, reduce the number of scars from multiple face lifts, and to maintain accelerated collagen production for maximum benefit.

Are there other treatments that can be used in combination with Ultherapy?

Yes. Xeomin is a neurotoxin designed to relax the static lines in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. Like Ultherapy, there is no downtime and the treatment is affordable. With any anti-aging treatment, consistency is key. Xeomin not only provides an immediate result – usually within 7 days – but, keeps those muscles from continuously contracting so you are not creating new ones or making the existing lines worse – it truly slows down the aging process and turns back time. For men and women with a little laxity in the neck, Xeomin can also treat the bands of the neck to soften and smooth…it’s like an instant neck lift!

Radiesse is another option for instant volume in the areas of the cheeks or to soften deep lines in the areas around the mouth.  The result is immediate and will continue to look better over the next couple of weeks.  Dermal fillers, like Radiesse, give an instant result while the benefits of Ultherapy are taking place.  The combination of Ultherapy, Xeomin, and Radiesse is a like a face lift without a face lift.

During your complimentary consultation a customized treatment plan will be established based on your goals, desired results, and budget. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and find out how you can get the secrets of anti-aging, too! (904) 928-9400

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